What is EBT?

Why EBT? EBANK Token (EBT) is very different from other deflationary tokens the world has seen before EBT

Other deflationary tokens are basically a social experiment against inflation. But EBT is a final product built basically for the community.

The community drives the EBT ecosystem & they earn various rewards for their participation.

  • 1. EBT AIRDROP REWARDS: EBT rewards her telegram members active or not
  • 2. EBT RAINDROP REWARDS: EBT rewards active members who help welcome new members, explain the project to them on the group
  • 3. EBT COMMUNITY GROWTH REWARDS: EBT has plans to reward referrals till it hits the maximum on telegram which is 200k members.
  • 4. EBT PILLARS REWARD: EBT needs funds to list on good exchanges or fund the rewards. Generous contributors to EBT development fund will get heavy rewards in EBT
  • 5. EBT TOP HOLDERS REWARDS: It's called the eBanker's Bank becahow it pays interest to top 100 wallet that are not withdrawn in 30 days

E-Banks Token